Month: December 2016

Do Dental Fillings Last Forever?

Okay guys, sorry for another post but this question was on my mind lately as many patients are wondering…do dental fillings last forever? Sadly the truth is that they are more like tires on a car, they need to be maintained and occasionally changed out. Let’s dive right in!   YOU MAY BE SURPRISED TO…

Dental Implants Gresham

Good morning Gresham and surrounding areas! It is a few days before Christmas and as the New Year rolls around, we have been getting a lot of questions here at Main Street Dental about implants and insurance coverage…here are a few key facts about replacing missing teeth and implants: 1-Insurance will usually cover 50% of…

Kid’s Dentist, Family Dentist

YOU MIGHT THINK that baby teeth don’t matter because “they’re just going to fall out anyway,” but think again! There are a lot of myths about baby teeth out there, so we’re going to set the record straight: here’s a list of the top four baby teeth myths, BUSTED by Main Street Dental in Gresham! 🙂 Myth #1: Baby…

Gresham Dentist-Do I have to go into the dentist twice a year?

Hello Sandy, Gresham, Happy Valley, Clackamah  Troutdale and surrounding areas! As a Gresham dentist, Dr. Seth Monson from Main Street Dental is here with what our patients have been asking us these past few months. Here are the top five frequently asked questions we get at our practice off Main Ave near Gresham High School. #1: “How…


WANT TO KNOW what Main Street Dental patients have been asking us? As a Gresham dentist, I have been seeing these come up again and again, enjoy! #1: “How often do I actually need to visit the dentist?” For most people, twice a year. Even if you do have perfect oral hygiene, plaque and tartar buildup…

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