Month: January 2017

Kids family dentist-Gresham

Hello Sandy, Gresham, Fairview, Happy Valley and Clackamas friends and family! Dr. Seth here with a few tips on how we can get our kiddos to floss more…yeah that is right, FLOSS MORE! WE’VE SAID IT TIME AND TIME AGAIN… flossing is essential for a healthy mouth! But it’s not always the most enjoyable task of…

Oral health and your body health

Good morning Gresham, Fairview, Happy Valley, Clackamas and Sandy! It is your Gresham dentist-Seth Monson, I am here with a quick thought about how our mouths are directly related to our body’s health. With New Year’s resolutions centering around health and getting fit, there is an easy way to control our bodily health by controlling…

WOULD YOU LIKE a smile that glows? With the MAIN STREET DENTAL whitening system, you can have a smile that shines in no time! Only 20 minutes in office you will look 10 years younger and get 2-4 shades brighter! 🙂 Brighten Your Smile At Home Or On The Go Our Whitening device is a convenient system…

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