Do you have a bad tooth? Ashiness or swelling? Main Street Dental is the place for you, Dr. Seth Monson and Dr. AJ Brungo will be there same day for your dental emergency and your emergency is as important to us as it is to you, guaranteed! Call our office today at 5036658283 for an emergency appointment. In the mean time, take these tips for toothaches and hang in there! We do root canals, extractions, crowns, fillings, implants, all the things you need to fix your tooth in the same day!


1-if your doctor allows, take 600mg ibuprofen with 500mg tylenol and follow the label

2-swish with warm salt water, this will kill bacteria as well as sooth the gums

3-use benzo-gel as needed, but do not overdue it, again follow the label

4-DO NOT PLACE an aspirin on the gums, this will kill your gum tissue

5-rinse with essential oral mixtures that have soothing applications

6-use sensodyne for your toothpaste

7-call us and we will see you same day! 5036658283

Patient of Dr. Seth that had the front abscessed tooth pulled and implant placed same day under sleep dentistry. More photos to come!

I need a root canal or extraction!!!!
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