Whitening Dentist Near Me

Hello and welcome back! Dr. Seth Monson here on a few key questions about whitening products, and in particular, take-home whitening products. On 6/29, Allure had a great article regarding the best whitening products on shelves near you, let’s dive in a little deeper and learn how these products work and if they work. Many…

Quick and Easy Oral Health Tips to Improve your Life from Dr. Seth Monson, Gresham, OR Dentist

Good morning Clackamas County! Dr. Seth here with a few quick tips on how you can boost your energy, improve your health, and create a better you! After reading the Business Inside article on 6/24, I found a few interesting tips I would like to share:   The American Dental Association and Main Street Dental,…

Dentists Oil Pulling

“Scientific Evidence Does Not Support Benefits Of Oil Pulling” This was the recent headline in the American Dental Association’s publication, although this may cause some heated debate, let’s take a look at the oral health benefits of this traditional remedy. Refinery 29 (6/20, Jacoby) talked about oil pulling in the recent article, stating, “…that although…

Gresham Dentist Near Me

Dr. Seth Monson here from Main Street Dental, if you have a toothache, emergency exam need, implant, or in pain, let’s tell you what to expect from a exam in Gresham, OR! VISITING YOUR DENTIST every six months is an important part of maintaining your oral health. Not only does it keep your smile clean, but…

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