Dentists and Canker Sores, Lip Sores, Mouth Sore, and Oral Cancer Screenings

How do dentists fit in with oncologists? Well here at Main Street Dental in Gresham, Oregon we take oral cancer screenings very seriously. If you find yourself with a traumatic oral lesion or a sore that is painful, reoccurring, or you just want looked at, we are here to HELP! Call us at 503-665-8283!

Oropharyngeal cancers are a very deadly disease type that if left untreated or undiagnosed in early stages can be fatal. Dental check-ups are not just important for the health of your teeth but for your overall health as well.

Leading causes of mouth cancers tend to be cigarettes, but throat cancers are mainly caused by the HPV virus. HPV is a rising epidemic in this country and the sad thing is guys that it can be prevented at childhood by a simple vaccine.

PLEASE ASK YOUR MD about getting your child vaccinated for HPV, it could save their life down the road.

Let Dr. Seth Monson know if you have any questions or concerns regarding your oral health! Don’t forget to get scheduled for your mouth screening.

Have a great day!






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