Gresham Dentist Emergency (Tooth Ache) and Implant Dentist in Gresham

Hello Gresham! Hopefully you enjoyed the Super Bowl as much as our family did, what a crazy ending!

We have some information about some commonly asked questions on implants, let us know if we can help serve you regarding any implant inquiries:

The cost of an implant after insurance can be as little 300 dollars/mo for 6 months.

An implant holds a new crown-it is the closest thing we have to simulating a natural tooth. Let us know if you have any questions about the anatomy of a dental implant! Gresham Implant at Main Street Dental

Implants are also great for holding dentures and partial dentures so you can chew much better!

Have a great day and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Call us at 5036658283 if you have a toothache, need an implant, or extraction!

Dr. Seth

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