Mouth sore, mouth cancer, mouth lesion

Good morning this is your Gresham Dentist, Fairview Dentist, Sandy Dentist, Happy Valley Dentist, Corbett Dentist…ok well you get the point!

At Main Street Dental in Gresham we are committed to giving thorough head and neck cancer screenings. This is very important to us and to your overall health. Sometimes, your dental provider can catch cancers, diseases, or changes in your body’s health first in your mouth, tongue, lips, etc. Take a look at one of our dental provider cheat sheets put out today by the American Dental Association-

Also, take a peak at this recent publication regarding your oral health and suspicious lesions-call us at Main Street Dental Gresham at 503-665-8283 if you have any questions or need a check up!

Thanks team!

Seth Monson, DMD

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