Pregnancy and Tooth Pain

Good morning Multonomah and Clackamas Counties! Dr. Seth Monson here to talk about some of the top concerns during pregnancy with tooth aches, gum bleeding and overall oral health.

It has been known for quite some time that pregnancy can change the way our oral cavity behaves. For instance, changes in hormones can cause a woman’s gums to bleed, grow little bumps, and become sore. During this time it is imperative that you come in every 3-4 months for professional cleanings to address this change in inflammation and bacteria load. Basically, you need to monitor your oral health more frequently during this time.

Some woman experience phantom tooth pain. This may mimic a dental abscess or infected tooth. Much of the time this can go away with proper home care, dental office visits, and palliative treatments like fluoride, oral rinses, essential oils etc.

Have a great day everyone and please call the office if you have any questions!


Main Street Dental

Dr. Seth Monson

Gresham Dentist

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