Quick and Easy Oral Health Tips to Improve your Life from Dr. Seth Monson, Gresham, OR Dentist

Good morning Clackamas County! Dr. Seth here with a few quick tips on how you can boost your energy, improve your health, and create a better you!

After reading the Business Inside article on 6/24, I found a few interesting tips I would like to share:


The American Dental Association and Main Street Dental, Gresham recommends you do brush 2 times a day and floss (or water pick, air pick, interproximal brushes) daily. The benefits are astounding! For instance, if we let our oral health go to pot, we can see potential increases in a person’s susceptibility to a greater risk for developing dementia, diabetes, kidney disease, and cancer, among other things (

Keeping and maintaining your oral health is paramount to your overall health. Come see us at Main Street for a quick check up and get those pearly whites cleaned!
Dr. Seth Monson

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