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Hemophilia and Oral Care

Lately I have had a couple of patients ask about blood disorders and their oral health. There was a recent study published and reviewed by the ADA regarding the home care of patients with hemophilia. Some of the results included that hemopheliacs did not care for their teeth and gums as well as the general…

Cheaper Dental Work

American Dental Association Wants to Amend McCarran-Ferguson Act-what does this mean for dental patients? Dr. Seth here, hope everyone’s Christmas and holiday was amazing. So there is some movement within the dental circles and government to amend an ACT that would allow dental insurance companies to compete with one another to provide more transparent costs…

Dentist With The Best Reviews

Dr. Seth Monson here from Main Street Dental Gresham! I was just wondering how do you find a new doctor, dentist, mechanic, etc?   Is it with online reviews? And if so, do you take these as truth as much as you would from word of mouth? I am starting to think so, whenever I…

When Should be my Kid’s First Dental Visit?

SEEING A BABY’S FIRST SMILE is a wonderful moment in a new parent’s life–that little grin leaves a lasting impression! Visiting the dentist early ensures that your child’s smile remains happy and healthy. At Main Street Dental, Dr. Seth and the team are committed to keeping them smiling! First Tooth Pop In? Time To Schedule Their…

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