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Fluoride good or bad?

Is fluoride bad or good for my kid’s teeth and my teeth? Dr. Seth Monson here from Main Street Dental in Gresham, OR, let me give you the top 3 reasons why fluoride is good for you! 1-it fights tooth decay which is one of the leading causes of children missing school days 2-fighting tooth…

Hemophilia and Oral Care

Lately I have had a couple of patients ask about blood disorders and their oral health. There was a recent study published and reviewed by the ADA regarding the home care of patients with hemophilia. Some of the results included that hemopheliacs did not care for their teeth and gums as well as the general…

Tooth Loss Increases Blood Pressure for Older Women

Menopause and My Teeth 36,000 women were followed in a recent study involving tooth loss after menopause-it was found that they have a significantly higher chance of having hypertension. This may be due to individuals having several health issues including periodontal disease, caries, smokers, obesity, hormonal changes etc. Losing a tooth does not mean your…

Warts in my mouth, sores in my mouth, HPV and mouth.

Check out this article from the ADA! FDA Approves HPV Vaccine For Men And Women Aged 27 To 45. The New York Times (10/5, Grady, Hoffman) reported that the Food and Drug Administration has approved the HPV vaccine “for men and women from 27 to 45-years-old.” The article noted that the vaccine “had been previously approved for…

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