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Fluoride good or bad?

Is fluoride bad or good for my kid’s teeth and my teeth? Dr. Seth Monson here from Main Street Dental in Gresham, OR, let me give you the top 3 reasons why fluoride is good for you! 1-it fights tooth decay which is one of the leading causes of children missing school days 2-fighting tooth…

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Fun fact of the day, did you know that 25% of adults do not brush their teeth twice a day, increasing their risk of developing tooth decay by 33%? That is crazy! A simple 2 extra minutes a day could wind up saving you nearly 250 dollars for a filling or 1000 dollars for a…

Do you have a bad tooth? Ashiness or swelling? Main Street Dental is the place for you, Dr. Seth Monson and Dr. AJ Brungo will be there same day for your dental emergency and your emergency is as important to us as it is to you, guaranteed! Call our office today at 5036658283 for an…

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