Discolored teeth

New Year’s Resolution Teeth

Check out this new post by the ADA how your diet relates to your teeth health! In 2019, your nutrition choices will also benefit your teeth! Happy New Year everyone from Main Street Dental Gresham, your Gresham Family Dentist. Dr. Seth Monson Gresham Dentist 503-665-8283 Emergency Dentist, Emergency Implant, Emergency Root Canal Your body is…

Ways to Whiten Your Teeth-Safely and Effectively

Sammi and Brittany 🙂 Haley Williams and Tracy Revel enjoy a whitening session with one of our favorite patients!!! Your smile is one of the first things people observe or recognize about you. First looks and first impressions are quickly based on esthetics and apearence (right or wrongfully so), and teeth are a part of…

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