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New Year’s Resolution Teeth

Check out this new post by the ADA how your diet relates to your teeth health! In 2019, your nutrition choices will also benefit your teeth! Happy New Year everyone from Main Street Dental Gresham, your Gresham Family Dentist. Dr. Seth Monson Gresham Dentist 503-665-8283 Emergency Dentist, Emergency Implant, Emergency Root Canal Your body is…

Cheaper Dental Work

American Dental Association Wants to Amend McCarran-Ferguson Act-what does this mean for dental patients? Dr. Seth here, hope everyone’s Christmas and holiday was amazing. So there is some movement within the dental circles and government to amend an ACT that would allow dental insurance companies to compete with one another to provide more transparent costs…

Congress Passes Action For Dental Health Legislation Gresham Dentist

The ADA recently published this article highlighting the win for citizens oral health across America, this legislation is action showing ALL Americans deserve good oral health and access to oral health care and education. This bill emulates what Main Street Dental does day in and day out in relation to preventative care and not just…

Fluoride mouth rinse and my children

Dr. Seth Monson here from Main Street Dental Gresham. A recent review article from the American Dental Association found that fluoride mouthrinse for our kiddos does not have strong evidence of controlling dental decay. There were varying results in these studies and I hope you take some time to check it out! Basically, if…

Welcoming our New Dentist!!!

We are super excited to welcome Dr. AJ to the Main Street Dental Family. So grateful to have him as a part of our team!   Tweets by msdentalgresham  

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