Why does my dentist always want x-rays? Gresham, OR dentist near me explains why!

Do you ever wonder when you go to the dentist why your provider ALWAYS seems to want x-rays of your teeth or surrounding areas? Although it may feel this way, dentists tend to not want xrays every single visit to the office. If you are high risk of developing cavities or infections of the jaw and teeth, your dentist may prescribe several x-rays. But here at Main Street Dental in Gresham, OR, we DO NOT TAKE A blanket approach to recommending xrays. There was a recent article in the NY TIMES ASK WELL blog that reminds us of the ADA’s guidelines for xrays.

New York Times (7/14, Saint Louis, Subscription Publication) “Ask Well” blog

American Dental Association

Ideally, providers would review the oral health of each patient and recommend specific x-rays instead of recommending the same thing for every patient. We are all different as people and there is no one size fits all style of dental treatment.

There is great information provided by Mouth Health as well below:

X-rays for dental professionals and for patients

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