Alcohol Intake and Health-Oral Health

This article from the online ADA journal was very interesting, especially after the New Years when we tend to over consume our adult beverages. Please take a moment to read.


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Limiting Alcohol Intake Among Steps To Help Reduce Oral Cancer Risk.

To help reduce the risk of developing oral cancer, the Economic Times (IND) (1/3) suggests limiting alcohol consumption, quitting tobacco use, using skin protection, eating a healthy diet, and receiving preventive examinations.

In addition, Reuters (1/3, Kelland) reports that research in mice indicates “drinking alcohol produces a harmful chemical in the body” called acetaldehyde, “which can lead to permanent genetic damage in the DNA of stem cells, increasing the risk of cancer developing.” The study “also showed how the body seeks to defend against the damage alcohol can do.” The findings were published in Nature.

The Oral Health Topics on and provide information on oral and oropharyngeal cancer for dental professionals and patients. To learn more about oral and oropharyngeal cancer, register for a CE course on HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer. also provides information for patients on HPV and oral cancer.


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Dr. Seth Monson, DMD

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