Ways to Whiten Your Teeth-Safely and Effectively

Sammi and Brittany 🙂

Haley Williams and Tracy Revel enjoy a whitening session with one of our favorite patients!!!

Your smile is one of the first things people observe or recognize about you. First looks and first impressions are quickly based on esthetics and apearence (right or wrongfully so), and teeth are a part of this!
One reason for good or not so good first impressions, is your smile of course! If we show discolored teeth, missing teeth, or do not smile at all, people will could take this the wrong way and make a faulty first impression of you. This can effect potential relationships in business, family, and personal areas.
On the flip side a nice smile can show confidence, a caring attitude, and potentially more accepting traits.
Smiling can be an effective tool to communicate happiness and openness to others.
At Main Street Dental Gresham, the office of Dr. Seth Monson and Dr. AJ Brungo, we can simply brighten your smile in only 30 minutes.
How it Works

No matter how the teeth are discoloured, we can help through in office whitening, veneers, crowns, fillings, etc.

When you come to our office for an in-office whitening experience, you will relax with in office coffee, tea, water and whatever else you’d like! Our whitening takes only an hour and we will get you set up with headphones and watching your favorite movie or listening to music.
Before you leave, we will give you complimentary custom trays and gel to take home so you can perform additional whitening or maintenance. When you come back for your next cleaning at Main Street Dental Gresham, ask Dr. Seth for complimentary whitening gel and he will take care of you!
How Much Does It Cost?
The out-of-pocket cost for cosmetic dentistry depends on your exact needs. Whitening is usually 200/session but we are currently pricing at 99 dollars as a special. Please call Kate for more details at 5036658283.
If you are ready to go, call today! Sign up for Your Free Consultation and Special Offer, call Kate or any staff member at 503-665-8283.
Thanks and have a great day!
Dr. Seth Monson
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