What to do when my child’s tooth was knocked out?

My child’s tooth was knocked out, what to do?

When your child’s tooth is knocked out, immediately check to see if your kiddo has any other visible damage to the head or neck area. If bleeding or serious injury has occurred, call 911 immediately.

If your child is conscious and responsive, with only dental trauma observed, follow these few steps and call Main Street Dental Gresham at 503-665-8283:

When a Tooth Is Knocked Out

After comforting your child, find and reinsert the tooth if you can. To control the bleeding, place a piece of sterile gauze over the socket and ask your child to bite down on it or hold it in place. According to The Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide, you should avoid touching the root of the tooth when handling it. Rinse it in milk if the tooth is dirty, but plug the sink first to prevent it from disappearing down the drain. Don’t scrub the tooth or remove any pieces of tissue. Gently replace the tooth in its socket, or if that isn’t possible, put it in a clean container of milk, saltwater or saliva. Don’t wrap the tooth in a napkin or allow it to dry because this reduces the chance that it will reattach. Take your child to see a dentist as soon as possible, and bring the tooth with you. If you can’t find the tooth, it might be stuck in your child’s mouth. Your dentist can take an X-ray to look for it and check for other injuries.

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